Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches

If you are a tennis player, you would know that the sport is very demanding in terms of speed, movement and agility. All this causes frequent impacts on the ground while the player quickly runs on the hard tennis court. Moreover, if you are facing high arches, the level of pain and discomfort is far greater than normal people. Even a simple walking process leaves the heels and the balls of your feet aching let alone a draining tennis game. But if you have right kind of shoes that are solely meant to be worn by people with high arches at tennis, you can enjoy your game without enduring any unwanted pain.

We have reviewed top ten best tennis shoes for high arches from the most popular shoes brands. They are extremely good at providing additional support and comfort.

  • adidas Performance Men's CC Rally Comp
  • Brand: adidas
  • Color: Bold Orange/White/Maroon
  • Material: Climacool Mono Mesh/Synthetic Textiles
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • adidas Performance Women's CC Rally Comp W
  • Brand: adidas
  • Color: Bold Pink/White/Tribe Berry
  • Material: Textile/Synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • adidas Performance Women's Barricade V Classic W
  • Brand: adidas
  • Color: White/silver/grey
  • Material: Synthetic/Textile
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 13.3 ounces

Adidas Performance Men’s CC Rally Comp Tennis Shoe

When you want a breathable and lightweight tennis shoe at a reasonable price, Rally Comp is undoubtedly an ideal choice. They are highly efficient in giving a comfort like you are wearing a pair of slippers. There arch support is excellent and you can carry out almost all daily activities in them with utmost comfort. There true to size length and sufficient cushioning keeps your feet stable when you are on the court. The inside of the shoes is roomy so as to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable.

Their midsole are impressively responsive for effective forefoot propulsion. Climacool incorporated in the shoes provides 360-degree cooling for the entire sole. The color schemes of this flexible shoe are vibrant and sporty. They require no break-in and are soft and plush right from the first day.

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Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade V Classic Tennis Shoe

One of the most amazing things about this Classic Tennis Shoe is its 6 month durability guarantee. It gives you a peace of mind to wear them continuously for months without having to worry about losing comfort. It has an innovative torsion system for perfectly stabilizing your feet. The in-built stability claws make sure that your foot is locked in its place. The medium arch support of the shoe is flawless for people with moderate high arches.

Synthetic upper is lightweight and waterproof and maintains your feet cool and dry. Rubber compound construction of the outsole and its specific herringbone pattern is proficient for outstanding traction. The forefoot efficiency is exceptionally good for improving the comfort and absorbing the shocks of your movements on ground.

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Wilson Men’s Nvision Tennis Shoe

Wilson has introduced one of the highest quality tennis shoes for eventual comfort and support. The insole and outsole applied in the manufacture of these shoes is very efficient in maintain the utmost feet stability. Your bone structure of the feet is all time secured because the shoes ensure no stress on the heels and balls of your feet. The cushioning is more enhanced to reduce any kind of pressure that is not good for heels.

They are capable enough of evading twisting of the shoe and foot and prevent any potential injury. The outsole is made from rubber and is greatly resistant to water and oil for checking that you do not slip outdoors even in the hostile weather conditions. Medium height arch support is comfortable and supportive for men with high arches.

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K-SWISS Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

The high-grade midsole of this tennis shoe are extraordinarily good for supporting the arches of men suffering from high arches. They are highly durable and well-cushioned to keep the bottom of your feet in great comfort. The additional support integrated in the pair is to ensure minimum impact on the feet’s bone structure. High density outsole fabricated from solid material is excellent in providing good traction.

Advanced shock spring design absorbs the shock and impact of the ground very nicely. The shoes are efficient in keeping the stress and uneasiness away from your soles. The shoes fit snugly because of their lace-up upper part and make you play comfortably. Your feet will remain protected so will be the toes because of the toe reinforcement.

K-SWISS Men’s Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

Ultrascendor is extremely lightweight with highly durable construction for reliable performance. This smartly designed tennis shoe is best for seamless tennis game on the court without any weariness. They provide higher arch support and extra space at the top for accommodating high foot profile. The arch cushion is comparatively higher for comfortable and perfectly aligned foot. When you are playing tennis in the shoes, the lining inside will wick away moisture for dry and cool feet.

The outer sole is kept as lightweight as possible to provide enough traction that is required. Shock spring technology used in the shoes easily absorbs all the hard impacts and shocks that your feet may feel when hit against the ground. The leather straps on each side of the lacing are remarkable for supporting your instep.

For Women

Adidas Performance Women’s Barricade V Classic W Tennis Shoe

Adidas is always known for introducing high-end and quality footwear. These Barricade Tennis Shoes have followed the same legacy of the brand and are great for ladies with high arches. When you wear this heavy-duty pair, you can be certain of the supported, stabilized and comfortable feet. They provide the highest stability and protect your feet at almost every game. With a medium width, the length of this tennis shoe fits true to size.

The upper is fabricated from synthetic material which is lightweight and waterproof for keeping your feet dry and cool always. The traction of the outer sole is remarkable because of the rubber compound construction. They are great for offering forefront efficiency and improving its propulsion. They ensure a pleasurable tennis game on the court.

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K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

If you want additional support to keep your arches in minimum pain and comfort, k-eva midsole of these shoes will do the job extremely well. The shoes are strong and durable yet feel light even after hours of wearing. They never let even a fraction of stress and strain to pressurize your feet. The customized fit due to lace-up upper is snug and comfortable. The toes are reinforced so that the forefront of the shoes does not show wearing easily.

High-quality material used in the construction of sole and remaining shoe is adept in staying intact for longer term. In fact, the pair seems winning than most other tennis shoes in its aspect of protecting each and every step you take on the court while playing.

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Wilson Women’s Nvision Tennis Shoes

These superior quality and nicely built tennis shoes from Wilson are great for women with high arches. Additional padding is featured at the areas concerning arches, heels and balls to make sure that the bone structure is not at all affected from the hard impacts on the ground. It is lined from inside for keeping your feet cold and dry even after a tiring tennis game. Midsole prevent the twisting of shoe and foot and makes certain that there is no possibility of injury.

Arch support technology is outstanding for delivering stable support and ultimate comfort. The shoes give you a much needed peace of mind by backing 6 months warranty to the outsole against durability. Its outsole and insole both are proficient in giving up to the mark stability, support and protection.

K-SWISS Women’s Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

The fit of these tennis shoes in women’s version is more slender and they are even more lightweight in this model. The traction provided by the shoes because of its outsole and EVA midsole is truly commendable. The arch cushion is higher than most of the other tennis shoes for strongly supporting your high arches. Foot alignment of the shoes is highly effective in keeping your foot protective and in their original position.

When looking for a pair of tennis shoe for high arches that is lightweight, durable and nicely built, Ultrascensor is undoubtedly a popular choice. They make your game experience extremely comfortable and free of pain and discomfort. You can wear them while other physical activities as well to circumvent the chances of any possible injury.

Adidas Performance Women’s CC Rally Comp W Tennis Shoe

This women’s version of Rally Comp features internal web skeleton for ensuring high breathability and keeping your feet cool while you play. Soles effectively absorb the shocks so that there is no strain at the arches and bottom of your feet. The cushioning is provided at all the right places for sustaining the stability of the foot. You can carry them around in a sports bag effortlessly because of their lightweight.

You will definitely not regret your decision after purchasing the pair because they are the best tennis shoes for high arches with great arch support. They are comfortable for prolonged wearing because of their structural integrity. If you want a pair you can wear at both the court and for other daily activities, then this durable pair with lockdown stability is nice.


All these best tennis shoes for high arches available for men and women alike are designed in various sizes and feature a very sporty and trendy look. They are highly supportive, protective and comfortable.

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