Best Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis – Slippers with Arch Support

The foot pain and uneasiness associated with the plantar fasciitis seems to be getting stronger as the day unfolds. It becomes really difficult and painful to even simply walk around the house. This can also restrict you from doing long distance walking and other fitness workouts because of the soring feet. But finding a good pair of footwear can reduce this pain in due course. The footwear for plantar fasciitis is intently designed with high arch support to properly support the fascia ligament of your foot. This is the same tissue that causes exacerbating pain when it is misaligned from its original position.

Plantar Fascia becomes inflamed or stressed sometimes which results in the hurting feet. It loses its tendency to support the whole feet while walking or standing. Whatever is causing the worsening of this condition should be prevented at once to get back to your normal lifestyle. When you are pacing around, you would want to stay in as much comfort as possible. Therefore, specific shoes are being manufactured nowadays and maybe you may already have one for yourself. But what about home, obviously you cannot roam around wearing a pair of shoes in your home. You need slippers with good arch support that will enable you to walk comfortably and happily.

The regular slippers are of no use to you if you have developed this severe foot condition. They will only aggravate the pain and discomfort. But don’t lose hope. We have got you covered. There are numerous slippers available in the markets that are built with sole purpose of helping people dealing with plantar fasciitis. In fact, there are many options to pick from in terms of design and style. This ensures that you do not have to compromise on style for wearing orthopedic and supportive footwear. These slippers for plantar fasciitis are extremely comfortable and relieve you from the unbearable pain so that you can walk pleasurably around your home.

The slippers fabricated for various foot conditions are also provided with enhanced traction at the outer sole to improve and promote steady walking. These slip-resistant slippers will make sure that you do not slip while walking on the wet and slippery surfaces. They will also do their best to reduce the symptoms of plantar fasciitis over time.

We have piled up a few slippers in this post which are all high-quality and comfortable. They will bring loads of comfort and support to ensure pain-free life. We have vigilantly researched for the best slippers for plantar fasciitis and have rounded up the top-rated footwear only. You can always slip them on whenever you are going for a small stroll around your neighborhood or going for a shopping. They will make sure that your feet do not hurt and stay relaxed. All these slippers feature a cool design and look extremely stylish. You can pick from various color options that suits your predilections.

  • Orthaheel Women's Relax Slipper
  • Brand: Orthaheel
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Fabric
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Haflinger Unisex AT Wool Slipper
  • Brand: Haflinger
  • Color: Grey Speckle
  • Material: Fabric
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Orthofeet Charlotte Womens Slippers
  • Brand: Orthofeet
  • Color: N/A
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: N/A
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper

The backless design of this Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper makes it extremely easy to slip the slipper on and off whenever you feel like wearing them. The pair is comfortable because of its soft foot bed and supportive heel counter. Its upper fabric is luxuriously soft and premium. The cross over design that these slippers have featured is very efficient in offering spaciousness to your feet. You will enjoy its soft cushioning while walking because it provides utmost comfort to your painful feet. This pair is perfect for lounging while keeping your feet cool and dry at the same time.

The slippers are specifically designed for women dealing with various sorts of foot conditions like high arches and plantar fasciitis. It has an excellent arch support for ensuring the proper foot alignment. It will give a remarkable stability to your foot and leg when you walk. The enhanced level of comfort provided by these slippers is effectual in relieving the stress off your feet and leg. Its outer sole is made from high-grade rubber that has an extra grip to offer steady and safe pacing. The traction is also very high to make sure that you do not slip on wet surfaces. You can wear them when simply roaming around your home or going out for a quick visit to the market nearby.

The open front and deep heel cup will provide much wanted comfort and stability. The designs and patterns available in these slippers are also eye-catching and look really nice when wearing. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other painful foot condition, you will find the additional comfort and support impressively beneficial. They will also fit nicely and accommodate the natural shape of your foot. However, it is recommended to buy a half size smaller than what you usually wear for comfortable fit.

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Haflinger Unisex AT Wool Slipper

Haflinger Unisex AT Wool Slipper is an ideal choice for women who want a relatively harder sole for enhanced support. Hard-wearing rubber outsole incorporated in the bottom of this pair will give a firm and unwavering support. It allows you to walk steadily and safely without ever sensing any pain and discomfort. So, if plantar fasciitis or any other foot condition is troubling you while walking, these slippers are perfect for you. There outer sole has heightened traction and effectively offers safe pacing. The upper design featuring a speckled wool pattern is truly eye-catching and looks extremely stylish.

The wool upper and soft inside are flawless in providing coziness and warm feeling when you put on these slippers. The design is also easy for effortless wearing and you do not have to bend for forcing your feet inside. Its inner sole has high moisture absorbing tendency and therefore it keeps your feet dry and relaxed. The arches beneath the sole are well-positioned and provide support at all the right places. Its arch support will effectually take care of fascia ligament and reduce the stress and pain as much as possible. The layer of latex is chiefly responsible for this well-formed arch support.

The extra wide fit of this pair will attract all those women who frequently experience swelling because of several foot conditions. It will nicely house swollen feet and keep them relaxed. The outstanding cushioning and heel counter with deep cup will provide remarkable comfort. There are various color options available in this model to choose from. This empowers you to buy slipper according to your predilections. Its split-toe seam and temperature regulating upper are unsurpassed when it comes to provide warmth and luxurious feel to your feet. The slippers will also help you in gradually alleviating the pain caused by plantar fasciitis.

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Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers

This Orthofeet Charlotte Women’s Slippers will grab your attention at once because of its remarkable design. Its leather upper is luxurious because of its gentle feel and premium quality. The pair is picture-perfect for any women who never want to miss on style even while lounging at home. The comfort and support is enhanced in these slippers because of a contoured insole. This soft and contoured foot bed is also unmatched by any other slipper when it comes to offering maximum stability. The gel-padding is very effective in gradually alleviating the pain and symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis.

You will get a nice arch support crafted into the insole of this slipper which is nicely positioned underneath the mid foot. It will support the fascia tissue to effectually eliminate pain and soreness. A hook and loop mechanism is in-built into the slippers which is adjustable for more personalized fit. You can tighten or loosen the strap to accommodate the shape of your feet naturally. The snug fit will also prevent accidental falling when you walk in these comfortable slippers. You can loosen the strap if your feet are swollen or wider than usual. Same goes with the women with narrow feet; they can tighten the strap for effectively enveloping their feet.

The interior of these slippers is soft and plush so that you feel comfortable while you are wearing the slippers for all day long. The outer sole has extra grip for preventing any slippage. The slippers also have a fleece lining inside to wick away moisture and sweat. Thus, there is no formation of odor when using the pair. They are extremely good for winter months when they provide toasty and warm feel to your feet. Moreover, the slippers are specifically designed for women suffering from not only foot disorders but diabetes also. They will reduce foot, heel, and arch and knee pain efficiently.

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Vionic Adilyn Orthotic Slippers

Vionic Adilyn Orthotic Slippers are not only stylish but extremely comfortable as well. Its stylish look is kept as much supportive as possible. Vionic has always introduced high-end footwear keeping the specific needs of user in mind. They have retained the same with this remarkable slipper as well. The increased support is really impressive for those women who are suffering from plantar fasciitis. Their arch support is well-positioned just under the mid foot to amazingly keep the fascia ligament in its place. Its extraordinary design is highly effective in relieving the pain and stress off the back, leg and foot.

It has a slip-on style for easy wearing so that you can effortlessly put it on whenever you want. This convenient and simple design will actually prove helpful when lounging at home. There is a hook and loop closure incorporated in these slippers to accommodate even swollen feet nicely. You can adjust the size according to your requirement because of this adjustable enclosure. Its heel counter features a deep heel cup for amazingly supporting your foot. It also realigns your foot for steady walking. You will be impressed by how well these slippers stabilize your walking.

The foot bed of the slipper is also soft and plush for providing extra comfort to your hurting feet. The outer sole is also rich in traction and makes it actually effortless to walk on slippery surfaces. When you regularly wear these slippers at home, you would notice that the symptoms for plantar fasciitis will gradually lessen. You can enjoy a pain-free and comfortable life with this amazing footwear. It is a hard-wearing and durable slipper that will last fairly long. It is ideal for any women who want to appear stylish whilst providing much needed support and comfort to her plantar fascia tissue.

Orthaheel Women’s Gemma Slipper

Are you looking for a slipper that looks stylish for both indoor and outdoor use? This Orthaheel Women’s Gemma Slipper is built with style and comfort in mind. If you love wearing fashion and do not want to compromise it because of some annoying foot condition, this slipper is an ideal choice for you. Its upper fabric is kept plush and very soft so that they provide cozy feeling whenever you wear them. The slip on design makes it easy and effortless to wear the pair on your convenience. Unlike other slippers where you have to struggle for getting your feet in, these slippers are amazing to slip on.

Swelling is a common scenario with women suffering from plantar fasciitis. Therefore, the inside of the slippers is spacious to accommodate even a swollen foot nicely. The back side is open and allows remarkable air ventilation for keeping your feet sweat free and dry. This open-back ensures that you never feel uncomfortable and restricted. The foot bed that is incorporated in these slippers is well-cushioned to provide comfort and unwavering support. You will love the comfort while lounging around your home that these slippers offer. The rubber outer soles have high traction and extra grip which enable you to walk steadily even on the slippery surfaces.

The slippers are durable and hard-wearing to let you enjoy these slippers for a fairly longer time. All the soft materials that are used in the fabrication of this footwear are eco-friendly. It makes sure that there is no build-up of sweat even after you have worn them for whole day. They are very effective in eliminating odor. Its adjustable hook and loop closure is highly efficient in accommodating all foot shapes. The Orthaheel technology used in the slippers is proficient in properly aligning your foot in their original position.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Women’s Geneva Slipper

These unusual slippers have an exclusive design which is kept traditional yet stylish with amazing patterns. They provide round support which is remarkable for women suffering from plantar fasciitis and other foot disorders. The footwear has a corduroy upper built which efficiently encloses the front and back of the foot. This feet enveloping construction of the slippers will keep the front foot and rear foot properly aligned. The slippers will fit snugly and line natural contours and shapes of your feet. This design ensures that the slippers do not come off while you are walking around.

The outstanding stability and comfortable fit offered by these slippers makes the pair one of the best slippers for plantar fasciitis. The fleece textured lining incorporated inside the shoes provides warmth in cool weathers. Durable rubber outsoles offer nice traction and make it extremely effortless for natural footing. To make this footwear more beneficial for the user, the slippers have orthotic EVA foot bed. This foot bed is not only comfortable but supportive as well. It features biomechanical construction to eliminate the formation of odor. When you wear these slippers for whole day, you will sense relaxed feet at the end of the day without any sweat and odor.

For further enhancing the stability of these slippers, tri-planar motion is integrated into the construction. It also controls pains and aches efficiently. The rubber outsole and soft upper fabric keep the footwear flexible and allow smooth transitions while walking. With these slippers, you can enjoy great design and comfort both at the same time. They are also effective in limiting the pain and uneasiness that comes from the swelling and misplaced fascia ligament. There are nice color options available in the slippers to match any expectations that you have in mind.

Bottom Line

Buying slippers specifically designed for plantar fasciitis is the best option to deal with your pain and discomfort. These slippers will help you with every requirement which is needed for severe foot conditions. These slippers are comfortable, supportive and provide maximum stability. The durable rubber outer sole featured in these slippers will also avoid slipping. We have reviewed all the best slippers for plantar fasciitis- slippers with arch support. They are available at reasonable prices and come in varied designs and sizes to meet individual requirements. Depending on the requirement of grip and comfort, you can pick the best suited slipper for your daily use.

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